Home work 21.3.2020

21st March 2020

Dear My Kids Students,

Hi Darlings…………….

Some of you have collected the Activity Exercises My Kids given on 17th March. Some of you may not. But you don’t worry. Your Activity Workings are in school. No sooner when everything wiped off, I will hand over those.

If you have computer and the printing facility, you can get them from MYKIDS web site also.


All LN, UN and PG classes can do this exercise at home. (Login to your web page and download.)

We always remember you with Love. Time to time I will send Activity Work which you don’t feel bored at home.

Also help Ammi for her Kitchen Work. We studied how to separate our waste in different containers. So you can help Ammi to Separate the Waste. Isn’t it.

Send me a Feedback.

Take Care.

Principal - My Kids 

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