Events Calendar 2020
6th Jan Mon School re-opens for 1st Term
8th Jan Wed Felowship Day - Welcome New students
10th Jan Fri 1st Term Parents/ Teachers meeting
28th Jan Tue "Brush and Wash Day"
30th Jan Thu Colours Day - RED and "Play Day"
3rd Feb Mon 72nd National Day Celebrations
21st Feb Fri School Excursion Day - Colours day - B l u e
10th Mar Tue Lesson on How we manage our “Study of Waste Management ”
29th Mar Sun Avurudu POLA & Colours Day - Y e l l o w
9th Apr Thu Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebrations Day - School Concludes for 1st term
28th Apr Tue School reopens for 2nd term
1st May Fri Parents Teachers Meeting – For 2nd term
5th May Tue Hanging Lanterns in lieu of “W E S AK” (Visiting of a Children Home )
6th May Wed “Bana” Commemorating Hesara’a Mum
8th Jun Mon Colours Day – “G r e e n” World’s Environmental Day
4th Jul Sat “Cook Day”
7th Aug Fri “Kids Fashion Day” School concludes for 2nd term
27th Aug Thu 3rd Term Teachers Meetings
2nd Sep Wed “School r e o p e n s” for 3rd term
6th Sep Sun Parents Teachers Meeting
1st Oct Thu N i g h t C a m p in Lieu of Worlds Children’s D’
2nd Nov Mon C h e f Day for PG CLASS
13th Nov Fri Colours Day - P u r p l e
11th Dec Fri School concludes for 3rd term
12th Dec Sat PG F a r e w e l l - C H R I S T M A S P A R T Y Venue will be notified
30th Dec Wed Teachers meeting
4th Jan Mon School re-opens for the 1st term - 2021
7th Jan Thu Fellowship Day - Arrival of New Children
School Excursion day will be informed in due course.
Dear Parents, the above dates are subjected to be changed once informed.
Current Events - Nov 2020